Utah Wedding Photography- Teilor and Bryson

Utah Wedding Photography happens year round, in rain, snow and wind. The weather may not always cooperate but I get to shoot in some of the most spectacular places with the best views. This wedding we were praying for the wind to stop being so bitter cold and for the forecasted snow storm to hold of a few hours. Lucky for us the snow held off and the wind blew out the inversion so we could see the spectacular mountains of the Wasatch front.

Teilor and Bryson met on Tinder. Bryson said he had is radius set on 30 or so miles and Teilor had hers set on about 5 miles. She lived in Sandy and he lived in Provo but she happened to be visiting a friend within about 5 miles of where Bryson lived. They both swiped right. They chatted for a few weeks and both thought the other one seemed too eager and therefore neither of them were looking forward to the first date. 

Teilor joked that she  recently had a series of crappy dates. She was going to delete all the dating apps after this date and take a break. Well wouldn’t you know they hit it off. Date two or three Bryson had a cold but Teilor was giving him all the signals that she wanted him to make the move and kiss her. He decided to take the risk of getting her sick too and go for it.. They said the rest was history. She was hooked after that first kiss.

These two were so cute as they practically ran out of the temple to greet friends and family. As I think about their story it reminds me how you meet the right person at the right time. Bryson joked that she had to have a series of bad dates to make him look good. I think ti was more than that. In life we dream of the person we think would be perfect for us. 

In my youth, I wrote a letter to myself in church. I wrote that one day that the man I would marry would have a dimpled chin, light eyes and dark hair and freckles on his arms. I mean, maybe some people are not as specific as I was, maybe that is smart. With that said, we all have a series of criteria we want our match to have. I think that over time and experience we begin to look deeper. We find that more than physical attributes we want someone to challenge us. Someone who wants to try hard everyday to make our marriage great. We want someone that complements our weakness and builds us up. 

I dont think it was a coincidence that Teilor found Bryson when she did. I know she found him at the perfect time, a time when they both narrowed down who they were and wanted to be with forever. They are a great match. Happy forevering Mr and Mrs Robbins!

Dress: Davids Bridal

Flowers: Micheals and Costco