Trim Ireland Portrait Photographer- Sam

Hey everyone! I am still just here snuggling my baby for the next month or so but I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to catch you up on the awesome shoots I was able to participate in while at my photography workshop in Ireland this summer. I had a blast being a Trim Ireland Portrait Photographer. I can totally see myself booking travel sessions all over the world now. It would be a blast and I would love to be your vacation photographer. Hit me up for details. Enjoy!

Meet Sam. She is wearing this incredible gown from the ever talented Bentley and Lace by Elizabeth Copeland 

This was one of the 6 shoots styled by the mad geniuses behind the Partyography Workshop series. The hosts of the workshop are Amy of Amy Cloud Photography and Kandis of Wish Photography. Both these ladies are incredible teachers and professionals and it was a joy to learn from them. Both of them have completely different styles. Amy’s is more edgy and Kandis is more whimsy. How could those two mesh you ask? Well they are both hardcore lady bosses and they respect the heck out of each other and their craft.

The workshop took place near Trim Ireland and was 3 and a half days long. We all stayed together in a rockin’ house where we learned, cooked and laughed together. Over the 3 days we took boudoir photos, had 2 wedding/bridal shoots, one engagement shoot, a glamour portrait session and a senior/whimsical shoot. We shot all over Ireland and had a blast doing it. Trim Ireland Portrait Photographer