Maddies Senior Photos

For Maddie’s Senior Photos we headed to Antelope Island. Believe it or not this was my first session on the island and I literally live 3 miles from there. I think I could shoot there all day everyday. PSA-Don’t shoot at Saltaire or Antelope Island May-August the gnats like to burrow and swarm and bite. They are the worst. This particular day they were not as bad as they have been and they sort of left us alone. The light breeze was so helpful in that.

senior photossenior photos

Maddies’s first look was from Shop Stevie. This is the most adorable dress ever. Seriously it is stunning. I love the bell sleeve and the button up neck. It looks adorable with the forever 21 necklace she paired with it. senior photos

This shot below is my favorite. Maddie is a stunning girl. She is so driven. I enjoyed speaking with her driving around the island. She shared with me that she will be attending college this coming year and then go on a mission for her church. Her family means everything to her. There are 6 kids in her family and she is the oldest. She plans to stay with her family this next year while she attends college, When I asked her about why she said didn’t want to be without her siblings. Then she went on to tell me a reason why she would miss each of her siblings.  It is pretty rare to see a senior at her senior photos talk so lovingly about her family. She is one of a kind for sure. Congrats Maddie! Your future will be bright for sure. senior photos