Longwood Meath Ireland Portrait Photographer

As many of you know I took a trip this summer with my sister and to attend an incredible workshop held in Longwood Meath Ireland. It was a total game changer. I will tell you a little more about the workshop later but lets talk about this shoot a bit. Longwood Meath Ireland

So I dont know if you know this about Ireland but it is literally one of the most magical places on earth. Really. Not only do you just drive around and see castles and happy sheep everywhere but the people are so incredibly kind. In the days before the workshop my sister and I spent several days traveling the south part of the country. Everywhere we stopped people were not on their cell phones, they were having meaningful conversations and interactions with each other. Often we would get stopped by someone and given great travel advise or just tell us a story. It was Grand. (That’s a total Irish thing to say)

Okay so on to this beauty. This is Seanagh (Said Shawna) She was so beautiful inside and out. She literally radiated beauty and grace. This location was just beside the manor we stayed at. It was literally on our property. The only problem with this area is stinging nettle. It is EVERYWHERE! Oh yeah and it hurts real bad if you happen to be pretending to chop it and actually chop it with your hand. It hurts your pride too.. not that I did that or anything. One interesting fact about the nettle is that the remedy for it is a weed that grows near by. It helped soothe the pain but didn’t reduce the swelling. My hands had little white welts on them for days. 

This was one of the 6 shoots styled by the mad geniuses behind the Partyography Workshop series. The hosts of the workshop are Amy of Amy Cloud Photography and Kandis of Wish Photography. Both these ladies are incredible teachers and professionals and it was a joy to learn from them. Both of them have completely different styles. Amy’s is more edgy and Kandis is more whimsy. How could those two mesh you ask? Well they are both hardcore lady bosses and they respect the heck out of each other and their craft. Longwood Meath Ireland