Light Loft Studio Layton Utah Portrait Photographer

Light Loft Studio was the perfect backdrop for this children’s session. Light Loft studio is the newest natural light studio in Layton, Utah. Located at 2672 UT-232 Suite #1 off of Hill field road near Northridge highscool. Working in this studio was a dream. It had great light even on a stormy day like we had for this session. There was a beautiful ivy hanging backdrop that the kids loved to play in. There was a seamless backdrop area and several colors to choose from. We chose the turquoise seamless to add a pop of color to the kids playing with their toys.

Light Loft has tons of cute boxes, chairs and props to help customize your session. Throughout the studio there are two large V-flats that are double sided. There is a beautiful brick wall, Grey wood panel, a rich dark blue wall and a flower wall. It is perfect for any kind of session. You will totally find what you are looking for what whatever session you may be booking. 

These two little twins are always a blast when we shoot. They just turned 3 and love to run and laugh. I loved the way their parents wanted to preserve these perfect little moments with them. It is so important for me to tell a story and help preserve memories for my clients. They let them grab their favorite toys and just sit for a good portion of our session and play. It was perfect! 

If you look super close you can see the game we were playing “Trap the toy.”  Little boys are the best but they dont love to sit and smile so you often have to get creative. We had a toy robot we had to put in “jail” and then sit on the “jail” or box to trap him so he couldn’t get out. Works every time.

Sometimes the session gets very long for a 3 year old and they just need a little rest. It’s his face sweet?