Glendalough Wicklow Ireland Elopement Photography

You guys, I could not wait to show you this incredible Glendalough, Wicklow county, Ireland Elopement. This is so beautiful! We intended on going to the ruins of a little church but then, weather happened, as one would assume in Ireland.  It was really a happy accident though because I really could not have picked a better location for this beautiful couple. Suzanne is wearing a skirt from Sweet Caroline and has the most beautiful floral arrangement from Flowers by Moira.

Here is the thing about these two. They are incredibly in love and perfect for each other. Honestly. They shared with us a bit about how they met and started dating. Lets just say “it’s complected” fits. lol.  You see Hugo and Suzanne met through mutual friends. Initially Hugo was dating Suzannes best friend. Suzanne said he always liked him and never thought he and he friend were a great fit. She knew they would be better together. After about a year Hugo broke things off with the friend and he and Suzanne became best friends. After sometime they had a bit of a falling out. Suzanne said she wouldn’t talk to him or even look at him for about a year. Once she spotted him walking down the street and she turned and went a completely different way to avoid him. Glendalough, Wicklow county, Ireland Elopement

Glendalough, Wicklow county, Ireland Elopement

Hugo took notice and he began emailing her.This was the only form of communication Suzanne had not blocked him on. He wanted her in his life and let’s be honest, she was playing hard to get. lol. He was persistent and finally broke her down enough that he could see her. After that they have never left each others side. Sometimes it’s true what they say, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” They both said they never realized how much they enjoyed each others company till they didn’t have it anymore. Dont you just love the way he smiles at her? I swoon every time. It is darling.