Friz Family- Fernwood Recreational Park

Oh my heck, seriously could fall at Fernwood Recreational Park be anymore beautiful? I think not. The only thing better than the leaves is little Oli and his adorable smile. This was one of the last shoots before I went on maternity leave and this dude was such a great little happy boy. A few days later I had another shoot with a family and they had a little girl about Oli’s age. I am pretty sure they should get married and have the happiest smiliest babies ever. Brianna SIddoway Photography-Fernwood Recreational Park- Layton Utah photographer

Look at those lashes, I mean come on! How stinking cute! Anyways, back to this cute family. We met the Friz family a few years ago when Dan and my husband started working together. They are such a great family and have become such good friends. We were so happy when they told us they were expecting. I had the pleasure of photographing Oli for his newborn pictures. He was so calm and happy the whole time, such a good baby. I knew he was just like his parents.

Lets also not forget Libby, the other kid in the family. We went to dinner at The Friz’s home a few weeks back and my 6 year old fell in love with Libby. Though he kind of has a mind of his own and insisted on renaming her “Olympia.” He wont call her any other name. Along with her parents Libby is maybe he happiest dog ever. I mean look at her. .. smiles from ear to ear.