We chose Ogden for our graduate session because of the color and life of the downtown area. Cassidy is so special. It is rare that you find the kind of person at any age that is a perfect balance of humble and confidant. When I asked her what she liked about herself she said “my eyes, freckles, my hair, honestly I like almost everything about myself.” It was so refreshing to hear someone of her age say that. When I was young, honestly even now, I fight to like myself that much. The thing about Cassidy is that everyone else around her agrees, she is genuinely likable. Her laugh is infectious and so is her smile.

During our graduate session she had to change so I opened the back of my SUV and let her change there. I forgot that you can’t open the back door from inside and walked away to give her a little privacy. After a few minutes I got a call on my phone from Cassidy . I ran to the back door and let her out. Apparently she had been done for a while and knocked and tried to get my attention but I didn’t notice. It is so embarrassing that I locked my client in my car but it shows what a great problem solver she is.

There is nothing like having a new baby in your home. I love this little guy and loved being able to feel good enough to shoot his Fresh 48 session myself.  A “fresh 48” or a newborn lifestyle session in the hospital, is a way to capture all of those firsts.  It is so fun to remember all the little details from your little ones first few moments. As any new mom may tell you, these little ones change so fast and you want to remember every little thing.

Jared was going to be named Jack. I was sure of it. We, I mean I loved the name Jack pretty much my whole pregnancy although I flirted with a few other names. Wade was not on board with any of my other suggestions and I didn’t like any of his. Finn, Dean, Kellen, Jack… The list went on and on. So one day while we were praying together Wade prayed that we would find a name that we loved loved that we could name our little boy. About two weeks later he said “What about Jared?” Lets be honest, it came out of nowhere. I had never considered that name before. But after he said it it felt kind of nice. We went to the hospital with the names Jared Micheal or Jack Robert, or Jared Scott. We like to use family names as middle names. Our baby was without a name for about 24 hours while we went back and forth. I liked Jared better at first and then Wade preferred Jack. It went around and around like that then finally we just both felt like Jared Robert would be a good name.

It’s funny how things change when you see your baby for the first time. Jared has always been a calm and sweet baby. He was so chill and loved to cuddle anyone that had him. He ate well from the beginning and slept even better than he ate. When we took him home I was worried how his older brothers may be around him. We walked in the door with him and our 2 year old came right up to him and wanted to hold him and love him. Preston took Jared’s binki out of his mouth and gave him a kiss on the lips. They fell in love with him right away. Things have not really changed much since. 

K this little dude is likely the cutest little dude on the block… Second only to my boys. I mean I have to say that right? This session was a blast. I loved the bright sunny light, this dudes smile and the fact that you can feel how loved he is.

Meet big brother, He is a total ladies man… j/k lol He has a tender and kind heart and is so fun to be around. 

So yeah, this happened. This cat just showed up on set and wanted to join he family. At one point it climbed the tree right above my head. I was sure it was going to jump right on my head. To get the kids attention and make them laugh I told the kids that the cat was in fact, going to  jump on my head.. they were terrified. It backfired.