Let me put this out there, these two have an adorable story that was 13 years in the making. But first lets talk about the incredible Draper Utah Temple. Does it ever stop being windy up there? I mean I have shot several weddings there and it always makes for beautiful windy, romantic photos but it is always windy. Not like breezy, I mean windy and hard to see where you are going, kind of wind. Regardless it is one of the most beautiful temples around. You can’t beat the views and the decor inside is likely my favorite of any I have ever been in.
Draper Utah TempleDraper Utah Temple

Lets get to the good stuff, the story. Erica and Quinn met in college while attending USU. Erica always liked Quinn and admired him. They became friends and spent time hanging in the same circles. Erica and Quinn both moved and a few years later they finally went on a date. They enjoyed each others company but left things at that. Erica moved to California and Quinn traveled the world with his work. They kept in touch over the years. Erica got married and had her beautiful daughter. Several years went by and her marriage ended. She wanted to build her friendships again after this hard time and she immediately remembered Quinn. They always had great conversation and he made her laugh. They kept things light and that is what she wanted know. But as they reconnected, things were different. Life changed both of them for the better. After a short time they knew that they wanted to be married.
Draper Utah Temple

Quinn lived in Utah and Erica lived in Washington. So they decided any time Quinn would fly for work and he could route through Washington they would try to see each other or when he had enough sky miles Erica and her daughter would fly to Quinn. Erica moved back to Utah and then they were married.

I have known Erica for 15 years and I have never known her more settled. They are great together. Life throws you curve balls and sometimes you never know whats around the corner. For these two this romance was 13 years in the making. Draper Utah Temple

Fun fact about Quinn is that he has goats! You should check out his account and follow their goat family at Goatstigram. Lets be honest, Kevin is my favorite! 

Girls just want to have fun! Kylee is a beautiful 14 year old. She loves dance, fashion and her friends. For Kylee’s 14th birthday her mom surprised her and her friends with a birthday photo shoot. This is the coolest idea ever. As a parent I am always so shocked about how much parties are and how my children never remember what the previous years party was about. This gift is a gift I promise your kids will remember. Birthday Portrait Photography is totally going to be a thing when this post gets out.

These girls are incredibly sweet. You can tell they treat each other with respect and kindness. They helped each other pick the best outfit combinations. Every time I turned around trying to prep the next set up they were switching clothes from one girl to the next. it was adorable. I miss being young. I also miss having the kind of body that would let me and all my friends trade clothes back and forth. I loved all the balloons Kylee’s mom brought. They were perfect for adding a whimsy and lightness to this shoot. I also love how the colors of the balloons are the same that are in the adorable old fashioned suckers.

Birthday Portrait Photography
Birthday Portrait PhotographyBirthday Portrait Photography

Blank Space Studios was the perfect location for this shoot. I loved the white walls and the rich brick wall. The white was amazing to use as a reflector and the brick added the depth and variety this shoot needed. This studio also allows you to use it’s wide variety of props and stools. There is an entire room of goodies for any type of shoot.  I also loved how convenient it was to get there. Blank Space Studio’s is located in downtown Kaysville. It is awesome to have such a versatile studio in Davis county so close by.
Birthday Portrait PhotographyBirthday Portrait Photography

Lets work together and make Birthday Portrait Photography a thing? Shall we? I had such a blast  shooting with each of these girls. It was so fun and I can’t wait till the next shoot like this.
Birthday Portrait PhotographyBirthday Portrait Photography


Utah Bridal Photography is a dying art. Unlike many states where brides and grooms wait to see each other till the alter many couples in Utah choose to have a formal session or a groomal session before the wedding day. This type of session is where the bride and groom come in their gown and tux and we go to a fantastic location and shoot to put a little less stress on the big day. Utah Bridal Photography is still alive but happens much less frequently than in other states. So when I have the opportunity to shoot just a beautiful bride I leap at the chance.

Utah Bridal Photography

Erica and I go way back and have been friends since college. Erica and her husband to be decided on a simple ceremony with no reception. When Erica told me she was having an more intimate wedding I literally begged her to model for me and let me stylize a beautiful bridal session for her.  I could not be happier with how these turned out. Her make up was done by the fantastic Kait Parkinson. Erica Did her own hair and Kait helped her with the styling. This fantastic gown is from Stevie Hender and when I first saw it I fell in love. I love that it could be a modest gown with a simple top under or a elegant lace gown with sheer panels on the top and waist. 

I contacted Fox florals to create a beautiful timeless piece for this shoot. When I say timeless I mean timeless. These florals are 100% not real flowers, I love how this artist creates such amazing works of art with an unconventional medium.

The day of the shoot was touch and go on the weather front. It was pouring all day so I moved our location from potato hill to Cactus and Tropical’s in Draper Utah. I love this store. It has such a diverse type of plants and the staff is incredibly knowledgeable. Did I also mention it is a dream to shoot in? It is fantastic. Right when we showed up at Cactus and Tropical’s the sun came out of the clouds and I was so energized. After shooting for about an hour we popped over to Potato hill. The wind came in and the clouds rolled back in and we had the most incredible sky. I literally wanted to cry. My fiend is one of the most beautiful people in the world. This image has to be one of my favorite works of art ever.
Utah Bridal PhotographyUtah Bridal PhotographyUtah Bridal Photography

Ring: Brilliant Earth

Gown: Shop Stevie

Jewlery: J Crew

Makeup: Kait Parkinson

Flowers: Fox Floral

Location: Cactus and Tropical’s Draper/ Potato Hill

Utah Bridal Photography-Brianna Siddoway Photography