As many of you know I took a trip this summer with my sister and to attend an incredible workshop held in Longwood Meath Ireland. It was a total game changer. I will tell you a little more about the workshop later but lets talk about this shoot a bit. Longwood Meath Ireland

So I dont know if you know this about Ireland but it is literally one of the most magical places on earth. Really. Not only do you just drive around and see castles and happy sheep everywhere but the people are so incredibly kind. In the days before the workshop my sister and I spent several days traveling the south part of the country. Everywhere we stopped people were not on their cell phones, they were having meaningful conversations and interactions with each other. Often we would get stopped by someone and given great travel advise or just tell us a story. It was Grand. (That’s a total Irish thing to say)

Okay so on to this beauty. This is Seanagh (Said Shawna) She was so beautiful inside and out. She literally radiated beauty and grace. This location was just beside the manor we stayed at. It was literally on our property. The only problem with this area is stinging nettle. It is EVERYWHERE! Oh yeah and it hurts real bad if you happen to be pretending to chop it and actually chop it with your hand. It hurts your pride too.. not that I did that or anything. One interesting fact about the nettle is that the remedy for it is a weed that grows near by. It helped soothe the pain but didn’t reduce the swelling. My hands had little white welts on them for days. 

This was one of the 6 shoots styled by the mad geniuses behind the Partyography Workshop series. The hosts of the workshop are Amy of Amy Cloud Photography and Kandis of Wish Photography. Both these ladies are incredible teachers and professionals and it was a joy to learn from them. Both of them have completely different styles. Amy’s is more edgy and Kandis is more whimsy. How could those two mesh you ask? Well they are both hardcore lady bosses and they respect the heck out of each other and their craft. Longwood Meath Ireland

Oh hi, September in Utah! Can you believe it? This was not January or any winter month. No, this is September which technically is still considered summer. Seriously. Meet the Malans. These people are some of the best people you will ever meet and have an incredible attitude. When I pulled up to Jordan Pines Campground the morning of our shoot I quickly pulled out my list of studios and rapidly tried to make other arrangements for our location. I called this family and they just shrugged and said “no worries, we are from Idaho. This is nothing.”
Family Session-Brianna Siddoway Photography-Jordan Pines Campground- Big Cottonwood Canyon Utah

They are troopers for sure. The day before this shoot Jordan Pines Campground looked like a fall wonderland with zero snow. All of this was fresh snow as of that morning. The snow is incredibly beautiful and cold. Sara, the oldest sibling, brought hot cocoa and donuts for all and everyone just had a great time. Well, almost everyone. The littles had fun in the snow and had a snowball fight. The adults even joined in too at the end. 

This September morning was  freezing and no one was prepared for the snow but regardless, we had a great time. Most of all I loved catching the candid moments and love this family shares for each other. They love to laugh, play and have a great time. 

The Alpine Loop is such an incredible place for a Sunday drive or even a formal session. We started at the mouth of American Fork canyon because I wanted to go to the Cascade Springs area. I loved the idea of this beautiful couple having an Alpine Loop Formal Session. As we drove I kept stopping along the way because I just couldn’t get over the scenery. We never actually made it to the springs. Keep reading for how this beautiful bride met her man.Alpine Loop Formal Session

This is how the couple met from Shannon’s point of view “Matt’s mom was a patient in my office, when she found out I was LDS, a born/raised Idahoan (like her), and single she told me I should go out with her son when he came home for Christmas. She proceeded to show me a video of him singing “Bring Him Home” from Les Mis and talked about how awesome he was. I found out later that when she left the office and sent Matt a text she told him, “You moved to LA to find someone to marry, and I just found your wife in Denver. You are going out with this girl.” We met for the pseudo-blind date almost 2 months later. On that date I couldn’t shake the feeling of genuine fun and happiness that I had.”

Alpine Loop Formal Session Alpine Loop Formal Session Alpine Loop Formal Session

You guys, I could not wait to show you this incredible Glendalough, Wicklow county, Ireland Elopement. This is so beautiful! We intended on going to the ruins of a little church but then, weather happened, as one would assume in Ireland.  It was really a happy accident though because I really could not have picked a better location for this beautiful couple. Suzanne is wearing a skirt from Sweet Caroline and has the most beautiful floral arrangement from Flowers by Moira.

Here is the thing about these two. They are incredibly in love and perfect for each other. Honestly. They shared with us a bit about how they met and started dating. Lets just say “it’s complected” fits. lol.  You see Hugo and Suzanne met through mutual friends. Initially Hugo was dating Suzannes best friend. Suzanne said he always liked him and never thought he and he friend were a great fit. She knew they would be better together. After about a year Hugo broke things off with the friend and he and Suzanne became best friends. After sometime they had a bit of a falling out. Suzanne said she wouldn’t talk to him or even look at him for about a year. Once she spotted him walking down the street and she turned and went a completely different way to avoid him. Glendalough, Wicklow county, Ireland Elopement

Glendalough, Wicklow county, Ireland Elopement

Hugo took notice and he began emailing her.This was the only form of communication Suzanne had not blocked him on. He wanted her in his life and let’s be honest, she was playing hard to get. lol. He was persistent and finally broke her down enough that he could see her. After that they have never left each others side. Sometimes it’s true what they say, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” They both said they never realized how much they enjoyed each others company till they didn’t have it anymore. Dont you just love the way he smiles at her? I swoon every time. It is darling.