Evan and Caities Wedding was so incredibly beautiful. The Provo City Center Temple was the perfect backdrop. Here is something you need to know about this couple. Caitie technically read the first kiss situation wrong. She thought Evan was going in for the lips when he was going for a cheek. I am pretty sure he forgave her for that one though. LOL! I love that story so much. It is so candid and sweet.

This couple loves all kinds of different music but if they had to choose the top 5 artists or songs they love they would be: Taekwondo by Walk Off the Earth, Ben Rector, Hallelujah, David Archuleta and Michael Buble. 

Their wedding colors are gray, white, tan and forest green. Believe it or not the groom made his own ring and he and his younger brother made all the wood elements at the reception. Flowers were by Caitie and Evans family and the photobooth is Evans company called “Picture me happy” photo booth. I dont think a single item looks DIY. I love that each item they have was made with love and care. You can really get a feel for who these two are just by seeing what they crafted for their special day.

I met this beautiful family because one of my past brides and her friend gifted them a newborn session for her baby shower. Seriously guys what a wonderful gift to give some one. I am so grateful I invested in newborn photos because they are only this tiny for such a short time and besides.. look how stinking cute Rand is. Rand was given his name because of a fantasy book series his mom and dad love. 

Rand was just a 2 weeks old in these photos and was a total champ. I am so thankful when the mom and dad hop into a few photos for me. These two are great parents already. Dad love to sing and laugh  with his little dude already. He was so willing to change a diaper or dress him or really jumped at any chance to hold his son. I love watching little moments like this. 

Mom is mom. To Rand she is the bomb.com. She smells right she smile is the best and she knows just how to cuddle him. There is something so special between a mom and her son. Maybe I am bias because I have 3 boys myself but, I love seeing a mom and her son. newborn photos

Evan and Caitie have the most adorable love story. Before we get to that, Let me share with you a little about these Tibble Fork engagements. Tibble fork just finished a huge construction project that lasted about a year. It is seriously one of the most magical places to shoot and I was so bummed that I couldn’t shoot there for the last year. As soon as it opened we scheduled our shoot and we headed up there. It totally did not disappoint. These two were beaming the whole time and the views were to die for. Lets get to know these two a bit better.Tibble Fork Engagements

“We were just two young people in our own busy lives. One day our mutual friend Robin told Caitie she had someone who would be perfect for her to go out with. Before Caitie knew it Robin was sending a message to Evan, “Are you single, ready to mingle?” Evan took the important leap of saying yes. November 12th we went on the best date of our lives. After pizza (a mutual favorite), a trial run of mini croquet and an hour long chat on an old church bench at the observation window of the Provo Beach Resort we knew this date was unlike any other. A day hasn’t gone by since then that we haven’t discovered how much more we love each other and how our Heavenly Father has prepared us for each other and has brought us together to be together for eternity.”

Tibble Fork Engagements Tibble Fork Engagements

Evan and Caities mentioned that on their first date they sat and chatted on an old church bench for a long time. When Evan decided that he wanted to propose he knew he had to incorporate that bench somehow. So, he called to see if he could rent it or buy it. They said if he wanted to they would gladly sell it to him for the big night. He jumped at the chance to have a piece of their love story forever. SWOON!!! It is so stinking romantic. So he devised a plan and got his siblings to help. He brought the bench to the woods up in Logan and then his siblings hid to document the proposal. It’s that the sweetest?? Can’t you just imagine that bench sitting on the front porch of their home for years to come? It melts my little heart.
Tibble Fork Engagements Tibble Fork Engagements Tibble Fork Engagements Tibble Fork Engagements Tibble Fork Engagements Tibble Fork Engagements