These North Ogden Engagements almost were rescheduled due tot the weather. I am so happy we stuck it out though. Utah spring is the worst. One day it snows the next day it is sunny. People always say give it 20 minutes and the weather will completely change. Jenna is likely the cutest little thing you will ever see.  A few years ago I had the pleasure to shoot Jenna’s high school senior photos. I was so excited when she called me and told me Cameron was home from his mission and he was ready to put a ring on it.

North Ogden Engagements

Jenna is little but don’t let that fool you, she has got spice. As a cheerleader she was a BEAST!  Cameron is a perfect fit for her. When she needs a shoulder to cry on he is there for her. When she is frazzled, he calms her down. Cameron is positive and has an incredible smile. He is hilarious.  These two were high school sweethearts. I love that they knew from such a young age that they found their forever. 

In February 2018 Cameron and Jenna went on a trip to So. Cal to the beach. Cameron planned to propose on the trip. One day at the beach he was getting ready to propose and he grabbed Jenna’s phone and lost it to the ocean.. Lets just he didn’t end up proposing that day. Jenna was pretty bummed out. Two days later, with a super firm grip on her ring, Cameron took her backto the beach and asked her to be his for always. She forgave him for dropping the phone and said “yes.” 

For this shoot we wanted to stay close to where they grew up and met so we headed to the hill in Ogden. North Ogden is a great spot for Engagements. Our first stop was the Rainbow Garden Trail. We loved frolicking in the beautiful meadow and the amazing mountain views. 

Our second location was just around the corner at the Ogden Botanical Garden. This location is one of my favorites. I love its color and cool structures. I love to see the way these two play and love on each other. They are strong individually but stronger together. They support, listen and put the other first. I can’t wait to see where these two go from here. Side note.. they are going to have the cutest tiniest kids. 

Okay lets talk about why pictures are so important and why they are worth the investment. You may be thinking Extended Family Photography, Why invest? The reality is family is a treasure and these photos are for your mom, and you one day when you appreciate them.  Okay, I am going to level with you. As a mom I have had this thought multiple times.  I wanted my children to just dog pile each other and hug and sing kumaya. They then need to do this for a long enough time for me to grab my camera, and preserve the moment a little longer. Am I alone here? Where my moms at? I work so hard to try to help them show love and most of the time they are biting each other, like literally… teeth. 

My family is a big family, I am the baby of 7 kids. I also thought I was 19 when I was 5 so, that caused a few problems. My sass level was at 100. (I am trying to be so cool right now and not put a % at the end of that 100% but it is killing me.) Regardless, we all loved each other and enjoyed our time together. Growing up as the youngest I had the privilege of being left behind and watching my siblings succeed in ways I longed to do. They went to college, pageants, served missions, dated, acted, performed, drove cars and stayed out late. They made mistakes that I could learn from. I grew up respecting the heck out of my siblings for how they loved me, how they treated others and how they lived.

I wish that we had more pictures of all of us together. When I was growing up times were different access to film and quality photo equipment were not like they are now. With the digital age brings a huge help in access and the possibility that you wont be one of those families on the awkward family photos website.

So now for the big question? Why invest? Well particularly with extended family photos people are coming from all over the place and having everyone in the same place at the same time will not happen often. Take my family for instance. The last time we were all together was for a total of 7 hours last year. Since that time our family has changed. I have siblings in 3 different states and my oldest nephew will be leaving for a mission at the end of this school year. The dynamic of our family is changing. It is very difficult to have a time when all my siblings and all their kids will be together in one spot. The pictures we do take need to be quality. Because of the time limitations, the photographer needs to be able to utilize their time and ours well. Extended Family Photography-Why invest?


You guys how is it possible that this little nugget is going to be 1 tomorrow? I just love him. He has been the easiest most chill little man. He is happy and inquisitive and loves his big brothers so much. Happy birthday tomorrow Jared! You are our perfect end cap.