Baby Rand-newborn photos

I met this beautiful family because one of my past brides and her friend gifted them a newborn session for her baby shower. Seriously guys what a wonderful gift to give some one. I am so grateful I invested in newborn photos because they are only this tiny for such a short time and besides.. look how stinking cute Rand is. Rand was given his name because of a fantasy book series his mom and dad love. 

Rand was just a 2 weeks old in these photos and was a total champ. I am so thankful when the mom and dad hop into a few photos for me. These two are great parents already. Dad love to sing and laugh  with his little dude already. He was so willing to change a diaper or dress him or really jumped at any chance to hold his son. I love watching little moments like this. 

Mom is mom. To Rand she is the She smells right she smile is the best and she knows just how to cuddle him. There is something so special between a mom and her son. Maybe I am bias because I have 3 boys myself but, I love seeing a mom and her son. newborn photos