Aubrey Northridge High School Senior

Have you ever just met someone who immediately lights up the room. Well let me tell you if you haven;t yet you will now. Meet Aubrey. She is a senior at Northridge High School and a truly fantastic human being. Aubrey loves theater and was very involved in the arts at Northridge. 

We scheduled our shoot about 3 months out and when the day finally came out of nowhere came a crazy storm. I honestly was a bit excited because I love wind. Crazy weather=amazing for photographers. It allows so much fun and drama into an image. Thought I will say I LOVE golden hour and beautiful back light. This wind was MAGIC though and Aubrey was all in and up for anything. This girl is AMAZING and so fun to have for a shoot. 

When she talked with me in our consultation about what she wanted in the shoot she said she didn’t want the usual high school senior photo shoot. She wanted to play. I LOVE that. Seriously I love when my clients tell me what they want in a shoot. Another thing I love specifically in senior shoots is when seniors want to be their age. They are young! Be young. Be fun and dont take yourself so seriously. 

Northridge High School

Aubrey’s final outfit was  what she wore for her Northridge High School Prom. Right when she first put on her Prom dress we found this incredible field of wild flowers. The problem with the wild flowers was there were swarms of biting gnats. PSA-Don’t shoot at Saltaire or Antelope Island May-August the gnats like to burrow and swarm and bite. They are the worst. This particular day they were not as bad as they have been and they sort of left us alone. I think I only had about 20 bites and Aubrey got swarmed a bit but she is a trooper and kept a smile on her face. 
Northridge High School