Alpine Loop Formal Session- Matt and Shannon

The Alpine Loop is such an incredible place for a Sunday drive or even a formal session. We started at the mouth of American Fork canyon because I wanted to go to the Cascade Springs area. I loved the idea of this beautiful couple having an Alpine Loop Formal Session. As we drove I kept stopping along the way because I just couldn’t get over the scenery. We never actually made it to the springs. Keep reading for how this beautiful bride met her man.Alpine Loop Formal Session

This is how the couple met from Shannon’s point of view “Matt’s mom was a patient in my office, when she found out I was LDS, a born/raised Idahoan (like her), and single she told me I should go out with her son when he came home for Christmas. She proceeded to show me a video of him singing “Bring Him Home” from Les Mis and talked about how awesome he was. I found out later that when she left the office and sent Matt a text she told him, “You moved to LA to find someone to marry, and I just found your wife in Denver. You are going out with this girl.” We met for the pseudo-blind date almost 2 months later. On that date I couldn’t shake the feeling of genuine fun and happiness that I had.”

Alpine Loop Formal Session Alpine Loop Formal Session Alpine Loop Formal Session